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Welcome to FlightByte, the home of useful PocketPC software for pilots.

Confused by complicated software?

Not any more. Use the links above to see how we can help you to enjoy your flying more.

Flight computer
do your 
flight planning
Use our flight computer for:
Course to steer
Distance and 
bearing between locations
Takeoff distance guide
Pressure & density altitude
Climb/descent profiles
Flight Computer
check your
weight and balance
Use Weight and balance for:
Overall weight
Centre of gravity
Aircraft weight and balance
Use Times for:
adding up your flights
rates per hour
ICAO codes, Local to UTC, TAF and METAR codes
the weather
Use Codes for:
ICAO airfield codes
Local/UTC times 
METAR and TAF codes
ICAO codes, Local to UTC, TAF and METAR codes
Time calculator
Know what the runway is like
Time calculator
“works extremely well and is easy and intuitive to use”
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Flightbyte SnowTams
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Flightbyte Flight computer
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Get your patterns right
Use Patterns for:
Holding pattern headings and timings
Circuit headings
Winds aloft from GPS readings
Pattern Planner
Time your laps
Use Lapper for:
Checking times against previous laps and target times
Lap timer
Lap timer
Use SnowTams for:
Runway surface conditions
Taiway states
Braking friction